Yak 40
Copyright  Ola Carlsson
OK-020 (9431436) VZLU in storage at Kbely 1999-05-26. This one was used as a testbed for the engine later used on the LET410

Yak 42
Copyright  Ola Carlsson
CCCP-42304 (11820201) Aeroflot on display in a park somewhere in Moscow 2003-06-27. The maingear and fin were modified during production
Yak 42D
Copyright  Ola Carlsson
LY-SKB (4520424811431) Aurela at Stockholm-Arlanda 2004-06-08
Yak 42F

CCCP-42644 (4194090) Aeroflot in storage at Moscow-Bykovo 2004-06-29