News & Odds from Arlanda 2009
January, Stavanger
During some years already, a group of enthusiasts including me were part of a project formed around the only CV-440 left in Sweden. Former Linjeflyg SE-CCX at Stockholm Bromma was rescued from the firedump and partly restored. The ambitions were high with serious thoughts of placing the aircraft as a gateguard at Bromma. In the search for parts we travelled to Stavanger where sistership LN-KLK and its spareparts were nowadays at the museum. Lateron when Linjeflyg was merged into SAS and Bromma got new management, project was abandonded and -CCX ended up back on the firedump. Sad story as we spent hours and hours on this one including changing all the windows...
Copyright  Ola Carlsson
June, Oslo
Back to Norway in search for parts, this time at Oslo Fornebu and LN-MAP at the firedump. The nose, the cabin ceiling, fuselage hatches and many other useful parts were brought back home. When Fornebu closed, -MAP was moved to the new Gardemoen airport.
Copyright  Ola Carlsson
July, Athens
My first real phototrip abroad. One week on the roof of the famous Emmantina Hotel where you could actually swim in the pool and take photos at the same time. With a bar next to the pool everything was perfect! Many exotic airliners for a youngster who used to hang around Stockholm Arlanda and Bromma.
Copyright  Ola Carlsson

As morninglight was better from the other side, we had to find some place east of the approach for 33R. We also knew photographing was a little dodgy for a foreigner in this country so we didn't want to expose too much. We found a place near Glyfada Golf drivingrange where we stayed some mornings. We got most of Olympics fleet, a couple of MEA 707's, PIA 707's, Air Charter, Air Toulouse and Syrianair Caravelle, Delta and United 727's, TWA 747's, Alitalia DC-9, MD-80 and A300. And many others...