News & Odds from Arlanda 2009
January, Seattle / Abbotsford / Vancouver
Two of my friends working at SAS were heading off to Seattle an I joined them for some visits at Boeing factory and some excursions as well. We got to borrow a house nearby Renton.

Day 1:
In the rental car we set the course for Canada in the early morning. Checking the maps for smaller fields along the road hoping to find something of interest. We passed Everett and got a hint of what could be expected there later during the trip.
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The only fíeld giving something in exchange for the hard work of navigation at the small roads was Arlington where a DC-3 was tied up to some vans. A Mig21 from Check Airforce were also present.
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The greatings from the officials when entering Canadian boarder was much better than entering USA and they felt sorry for us when we told them we were leaving only a day later. Starting at Abbotsford where we found the aiport almost closed (it was saturday). However a helpful representative at Conair let us in and drove us around their facilities and even locked up the hangars for us. Only four DC-6's were home but for those loving the ugly S-2 Tracker this is a place to go. I don't really fancy this bird but took some 26 of them anyway and then it was maybe 20 more of them in the second line of withdrawn ones, either used for spares or waiting for convertion. In total four CL-215's were home during our visit. The most spectacular aircraft at the time was the first we noted when arriving there; A City Bird MD-11 in full colors! When driving past it on the way to the firedump we noticed it was registered P4-BDL and parked together with a VIP 737 also at the P4 register. In one of the hangars were the sole Dash 7 of Conair and while trying to fit it in among all the Aerocomanders we heard a jet reversing outside. It was a Westjet 732, and there were more of those and others to see next day...
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Day 2:
After a good nights sleep in a motel it was off to Vancouver touring the south side first, getting some Pacific Coastal Shorts and a longway guest, an IAI Astra from Australia. I had read about an old Air Canada Viscount supposed to be saved somewhere and we found it near the seaplane base.
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Then around to runway 26R for some arrivals. I don't know if the decision to be here during a weekend was good or not but we definitely need to be at Boeing during weekdays and we didn't have that much time to spend here. To bad also because I really wanted to make a seaplane flight to Vancouver Island for the Martin Mars flying boats. Approach was really good here but after some Air Canada, Westjet, United and a Tango A320 we decided to make some recognition at Air Canada hangar area. Some withdrawn 732's and in the freighter corner we found two Kelowna CV580's. Then via the terminal area for some Horizon Dash 8's and back to the approach. Giving the sun some time to move around and once again back to the south side. Some Westex F27's and Metroliners and a Purolator 727F in this corner. It was also possible to make shots across the runway of taxing aircrafts but 300mm were needed on 767's so we headed back to the approach again. Air Pacific 738, Canadian Regional F28 and another Westjet 732 passed before sunset and our journey back to Seattle.
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Day 3:
Well back at our base we drove past Renton and got some N1786B's and then over the hill to Boeing Field and the Museum. First we passed the far side of the field getting some freighters and the original NC91008 Alaska Airlines DC-3. Inside the museum hanging in the roof are another one with the same reg, this one is fake. Great to get the 747 prototype and the "Raptor" 757 and a Saudi Airforce E-3 was parked on the apron next to the museum. We also got a Qantas 738 as well as an Air China 738.

Afternoon was spent at Tacoma getting horassed by several people in the cargo area and when having no more opportunities left we ended up by the approach instead. The main reason for avoiding it before was the traditional dull weather and dark United aircrafts with a 100% cloudy sky is not preferred at all...

Day 4:
Off to Snohomish County and Everett. There was a guided tour of the factory - very interesting despite the fact we had to leave the cameras outside. Impressive buildings! Touring the area before heading for the Mueum workshop gave us Continental 753, Delta 764, Korean Air Cargo 744F, GOL and Shenzhen 73G's. Museum still hosted the United 727 and the "BOAC" Comet. We were escorted to another hangar hosting the flyable Boeing 247. The B307 Stratoliner were also at the field but without access for us.

Afternoon were again spent at Tacoma with pretty much the same story and when getting tired of all the "hospitality" shown by the locals, we headed home.
Copenhagen In April we first went to Gothenburg for some work with Transair/Goodjet. Awaiting delivery of the first A320 they leased an Air Luxor one for the first weeks of operation. There was a press conference to be held and we covered up the Luxor colors with stickers. After lease end still short of aircrafts, Transairs 757 finally arrived from the paintshop. With the brand "Goodjet" being very important for the company, we were off to Denmark in May to welcome the aircraft and cover it up in Goodjet colors. During an unscheduled break caused by derivation of the compass, I managed to get a ride around the field, getting the poor leftovers at the firedump as well as some white ex SAS DC-9's.
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Copenhagen Back again, this time heading for the Airforcebase at Vaerlöse. Of course staying at Kastrup by the famous grill in the afternoon.

We slept in the car and got the morning arrivals before continuing to the airshow.
July, Zurich / Paris
Heading for Paris we found a way through Zurich with Swiss. This was a good one as they had many hybrids flying in basic Swissair colors.

Transfer spent at the terrace and afternoon at CDG...

and LBG for the traditional hangar tour.

Next day were spent at CDG...

...and a trip to ORY.

Final day at CDG...

...with another detour to LBG getting yet another bunch of bizjets.

Before checking in we had a morning at CDG and a rather short transfer at ZRH at least gave two JAT DC-9's and the sole JAT DC-10.

July, Hamburg / Bremen
Flew to Hamburg via Amsterdam with KLM and continuing by rental car to Lemwerder where one of the Goodjet A320's were being prepared in the paintshop.

Our job was to apply the logo on the fuselage. The painters were not finished when we arrived and we enjoyed a great dinner at the local Greek restaurant. Later we got back and finished the job. At the time some Swissair and Sabena A330's were parked at the field waiting for new missions. Some were going to Swiss. If we have had the time we would join the A320 on the ferry back to Sweden but as we were needed at home we went back to Hamburg, being rerouted via CPH on a Trash 8.
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