News & Odds from Arlanda 2009
April, Athens
Back to Greece, this time during spring, pretty warm. Positioned by the window on the left side of our A320 and a 33 approach should give us a good view of Emmantina. But suddenly we passed the threshold without any view of the hotel. The explanation was simple, we made a runway 33L landing due to work in progress on 33R. We got it confirmed when arriving to the hotel and had the traffic straight over the pool! Disaster! Next thing was temperature in the room, pretty high. We turned on the AC and left, bad misstake! And what to do about photography? We heard about another hotel named Phoenix and we went there trying to catch the departure of MEA 707. In a corridor on the top floor we found a window we could open. Perfect view of lineup 33L but no awacs for approaches as window was facing the runway. Even worse the fact there was a guard tower just below the window. After we got the Air Sinai 737 and the MEA we didn't dare staying longer and searched for new places. We found a house near Phoenix offering excellent approach view and lineupview. The afternoon were spent here. Returning to Emmantina was a chock. This is still wintertime in Greece and coming back to the hotelroom where the AC had worked hard during the afternoon... What a heat! Quickly opening the balconydoor and then to a nearby restaurant for dinner.
Copyright  Ola Carlsson

Mornings were spent near Glyfada and afternoons were spent on our new spot close to Phoenix, or when the wind changed, next to the beach by 15R. After talking to the police a couple of times, finally ending up at the policestation next to Olympic terminal and being questioned for 2 hours, almost missing the weekly Syrianair Caravelle, we got tired of the situation and went to the Airport Authorities to get some kind of permission. No problem except we had to renew it every day. We also got a ramptour which ended abruptly when our escort realized our permit were only valid from the outside. Traffic during this trip were much alike 1992 with some new types and airlines to be added. Olympic changed livery again and added 737-400 to the fleet, Cretan Airlines A320, Air Algerie Hercules, Air Ukraine Tu134, Cyprus Airways A320, Romavia Il-18 and Venus MD-80 among many others. We also made an excursion to the hills northeast of the airport, next to the crossing runway 21 where some Olympic 727s were stored together with a DC-3 from CAA. Also a quick stop for a photo of the DC-3 parked next to CAA headquarter. They wouldn't let us into the yard but climbing a nearby tree outside the facilities resulted in some photos.
Copyright  Ola Carlsson
July, Paris / Toulouse
One week were spent at Orly together with my father, helping the museum Athis-Mons with their Caravelle. We worked for a long time with the Caravelle SE-DAF stored at Arlanda and F-BVPZ at Orly needed about the same treatment. We helped them getting the electrical system and part of the hydraulic system working. Some time were also spent at the spectators terrace at Orly and I also had ideas of flying the Mercure.
Copyright  Ola Carlsson

Went to Air Inter desk and asked for flights with reasonable price and operated by Mercure. Unfortunately the Toulouse flight (with return on the A330) were fully booked and I took a chance flying to Toulouse on an A300 with the return scheduled on a Mercure. It didn't change and TLS-ORY was operated by F-BTTJ, the aircraft which is now preserved at Athis-Mons. What a coincidence!

Before our return flight with Thai 747-400 I had some time for photographing at Charles de Gaulle as well. from the gate lounge I had a good view but many quick changes of lenses were necessary and I found a pole next to one window which were perfect to keep the inactive lens at. After boarding the 747 and finally sat down in the seat, I realized my wideangel were not in the bag. Oooops... A quick run out in the lounge, jumping the seats, grabbing the lens and back onboard again! Slept well for the next hours...
September, London / Southampton
Main issue of this trip being the Farnborough Airshow with my father, but we also had some time over to spend at the Gatwick spectators terrace. From the train to Farnborough the museum at Brooklands flashed for a second and we switched to taxi from the next station. Fortunately the gate was still open and the BAe 1-11 and Oman government VC-10 was pictured. Then train to Southampton for visiting some friends and of course a visit to the airport as well as the museum downtown with a Sandringham from Ansett Flyingboats.
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September, Helsinki
Two days after Estonia sank we took the ferry to Helsinki. Main issue was not photographing this time but a short visit to the airport were on the schedule. Managed to get Finnair DC-10 and a TriStar from Delta.
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November - December, London / Southampton / Bournemouth / Brize Norton
Back to Southampton, this time working. Visits to Heathrow, Gatwick and the local Southampton airport. Also took the train to Bournemouth finding out the hard way there was no transfer from the trainstation to the airport. Local bus took me halfway and then walking for an hour in heavy rain. Totally wet I arrived to the terminal and managed to talk me in for a ramptour. FR Aviation F20s, former swedsih L1011 HR-AMC waiting to be scrapped, some Heralds of Channel Express and Jetstreams from short lived Euro Direct were some of the catches. Fortunately the rain turned to sunshine. Some days later we made a trip by car to Brize Norton to get some VC-10's. I got five of them but the L1011's did unfortunately not fly.
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