News & Odds from Arlanda 2009
July, Palma de Mallorca
If you want to clean the house of european charter, what do you do? Best thing is to choose a hot charterdestination. A saturday at PMI by the time gave you around 120 german flights and maybe half the amount of British charters. Then add some Scandinavians and of course the local Spanish ones. This was before Aviaco and newcomer Air Nostrum turned into Iberia. The famous CV990's of Spantax were unfortunately gone, all except one without wings and one kept for the future. Getting good shots of them were not an easy thing. We managed to talk us into the ramp which gave good access to BQQ but BZO were parked in the military area and not accesible. PMI offers many good spots for photographing along the parallell runways, in the mornings as well as the afternoon. With the high sun, every lunch however were spent back at the hotel pool.
Copyright  Ola Carlsson

One day we were told by a local spotter there was another field in the neighbourhood. The airfield Son Bonet was not very active but a DC-3 made the visit worth it. Other highlights during the week were Swiftair (DHL) CV580s and the An124 takeoff in the hot climate were really something! The 727 from Bemoair, in Continental colors and registered at Togo, must be one of the most exotic hybrid I have ever seen. Unfortunately the Lietuva Tu134 parked during the week of course had slot time when we were in discussions with the local police. Can't catch 'em all... We learned it was OK to hang on the fence with ladders rather than being a little away on an abandoned windmill. A quick tour to the nearby supermarket investing in two ladders made the remaining time perfect. Rental car is a good thing.
Copyright  Ola Carlsson

October, Brussels / Wevelgem / Lille
Nordic East started its new service to BRU and this was a great oportunity to visit one of my friends by the time living there. We found time for the airport and in the evening for checking out the local pubs! Didn't get much but Air Afrique 707, Constellation 727s, some freighters like Saudia and of course DHL was a nice addition to the collection. Also the old TEA A300B1 were still there.
Copyright  Ola Carlsson

Then we went by car to Wevelgem where three ex French Airforce Caravelles were parked after a long ferry from Tahiti. After talking to the staff in the tower, we were allowed to drive down the runway to the Caravelles.

Everything is so close down in Europe and a quick look at the map showed Lille to be nearby. No traffic moving but some french Beeches and a 737 got pictured.