News & Odds from Arlanda 2009
March, Zurich
Vacation with my family and my sons first flight. Heading for Luzern where my girlfriends sister lived by the time. One day were spent at Kloten and the spectators terrace. Weather was quite lousy and most traffic used runway 28 and I regret I made the decision pretty late to try out good old "Parkhaus F". Well - you win some, you loose some, I got the BH AT7, Macedonian 733 and some Swiss I didn't have. Vacation was great and my son impressed many passengers on the flight. By the time being only 6 months old!
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July, Palma de Mallorca
Another trip in the name of work. This time Nordic Airways MD-80 SE-DMT was dressed in Purobeach advertisment and we stayed for only two days. Work, sleep and a couple of beers then back home again.
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August, Palma de Mallorca
A friend of mine decided to get married onboard a Nordic Airways flight to Palma and we were some 10 people going along on this weekendtrip. Halfway there, the wedding march were played in the P/A-system and our captain stepped out to the cabin and performed the small ceremony. Enjoying some great warm days with excursions on the Island and great tapas dinners including one of the greatest impressions at the downtown bar "Abaco". Here you are met by large piles of fresh fruit all over the place, used for the fresh drinks, served in extremly large glasses. Well worth a visit! One day along runway 24L but traffic was quite slow and we drove off to Son Bonet instead but the only aircraft of intersest was a SAAB 340 which were not easily pictured. Back to the beach instead. My son, now being 11 months impressed once again on the flights, now being abroad for the third time... What a globetrotter!
Helsinki Finnair had a large number of widebodies added to the fleet during the last years, both MD-11's and A340's. They also built a new runway since my last visit. Blue1 offered good prices and we boarded an Avro a rainy morning in Stockholm.

Day 1:
Rain, rain and rain. After arriving in HEL we took a taxi to DHL building and stayed on some hills next to the rotate point for runway 22R. When weather turned to dull, we started our walk back to the terminal. We had no rush but after a while it started raining and an hour in the rain made us pretty soaked. I knew a good restaurant in the terminal with excellent view over the international apron. It was closed upon our arrival. Our longed-for dinner became a sandwich from the kioskki...
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Day 2:
After sleeping in a couch next to the closed reataurant, morning slowly arrived and we went for a walk along the perimeter. Found some FinnComm's, some bizjets and met one of the local spotters. After staying next to Finnair headquarter for a while, our new friend met up and we got a ride with him to the approach of runway 15 where we stayed until afternoon. Weather was good today but with the A340s using runway 22R all the time, the light was not really good on those. Also for approach on runway 15 you need many milimeter due to the distance to centerline.
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